Geovale Services is a global provider of professional services to its clients in the entire value spectrum of the minerals industry, from exploration to mining to life of mine services. We intend to create value for our clients by working on recognized principles of sustainable development for the industry. Our employees, though working in some of the remotest and harshest physical conditions of work, are provided with healthy, safe and secure working environment. Our professionals are committed to international standards of environment management practices. We intend to work with our clients according to the laws of the land, with full respect to the traditions and customs of the communities we work in.

Geovale Services is guided by the ten cardinal principles of Sustainable Development Framework, provided by International Council of Mines and Metals (ICMM), covering our entire gamut of operation. At the corporate level, sustainable development considerations are integrated to our corporate decision making process. We seek continual improvement of our health, safety, environment and community relations peformance based on sound risk management strategies. We believe in transparent engagement and communication wtih all our stakeholders, in consultation with our clients.

We ensure that all our contractors and associates are selected through a rigorous contractor selection process. We intend to work with our contractors and associates to ensure their adherence to Geovale’s standards of management of Sustainable Development practices.


  1. Ethical business practices
  2. SD considerations in decision making
  3. Uphold human rights, local cultures
  4. Risk management on sound science
  5. H & S performance improvement
  6. Environment performance improvement
  7. Conserve biodiversity
  8. Recycle and reuse
  9. Corporate social responsibility