Life of Mine Services

Life of Mine Services

By use of good planning practices, most mining operational problems can be minimized or avoided. There are three types of Plan-

  • Longer-term plan (LTP)
  • Medium term plan (MTP)
  • Shorter-term plan (STP)

Longer-term plans (LTP) set the overall strategic direction and must be focussed on delivering the corporate goal in the long run. Simultaneously we need to consider The Strategic mine plan (SMP) and Life of Mine Plan (LOMP).

The Strategic mine plan (SMP) evaluates, at a high level, the impacts on value of all the various strategic decisions that the company can make.

The Life of Mine Plan (LOMP) is the formally approved long-term plan for the mine. It is selected after conducting a strategic mine plan, which will deliver corporate goal. The LOMP is reviewed and updated annually as part of the planning cycle, taking account of constraints identified in shorter-term plans or resulting from actual events.

The medium-term plan (MTP) link between the high-level strategies in the LOMP and the detailed shorter-term implementation plans.

Shorter-term plan (STP) provide more detail and accuracy to the longer-term plans (Details of how operations in the near future will contribute to the achievement of the longer-term plans).

We strive to provide services for all the four stages of a mine life which are Mine Planning, Mine Development, Mine Production and Mine Closure and we ensure safety, high productivity, adhere to regulations and cost-effective operations at every stage so that your reserves can be mined and processed at a profit.