About Us

About Geovale

Geovale Services Pvt Ltd (Geovale) is a niche exploration and mining services company comprising of passionate professionals who possess requisite expertise and confidence to deliver world class services. We strongly believe that our success lies in our client’s success.

Thus, we try and ensure that we pick the best team required for a successful project. All our principal consultants have extensive field experience and average 15-25 years of work experience. We aspire to be one of the most flexible, agile, world class, cost effective mining & geological services company which has the capability to offer a complete range of project management services right from target generation to preparation of feasibility studies.

Do you have a viable mining project that will deliver real returns? A Geovale feasibility study answers the question: How can this project work?

Mining companies and investors have to compete fiercely for limited capital to develop projects. It is essential to develop an optimal investment case to give projects the best chance of economic success. Mining investors are discerning and will only choose to invest in those projects that have the more obvious chance of success. However, in our experience many projects contain latent value that could easily be unlocked with the right experts, focusing on the right areas, with the right tools.

We are focused on the economic outcomes for the feasibility study and how best to achieve those at the least cost. Our experience in completing these studies over many years has provided us with significant learnings that are passed on to our clients through improved outcomes or shorter timeframes. We are able to put together multi-disciplinary teams covering the whole mining value chain. This enables us to break down the silos that often inhibit the value of mining projects during exploration and planning. We test assumption from a global, rather than local perspective.

We have developed a number of in-house and commercial software tools to help us to quickly converge on the optimal strategy and design so that we can optimise the cash flow profile and maximise return.

Another difference is our respect for our clients’ money. We appreciate that they are making a substantial investment when embarking on a mining feasibility study. Therefore we work closely with them, communicating often so that we can provide advice and answers quickly before they invest any more in a project than they may need to.