Safety Audit

Safety Audit

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) audits are a critical element of the HSE management system. In order to the systems to be effective in your company we will assist you to drive continuous improvement in system effectiveness that would require contribution from your entire employee population and contractors.

Geovale will measure your Threshold, Target and Outstanding measures performance between management and employees based on your business requirements. We will help you to achieve your objective to contribute to HSE compliance programmes as per DGMS statutory requirements.

Safety Leadership

Excellent leadership is fundamental to embedding a safe working culture in every business and continuously motivating improvement in performance. Geovale will create and develop leadership skill and teach individuals in commitment in improving their safety competence and their teams to be recognised as HSE champions.

Contributing to improvement initiatives

Geovale will train your employees who can personally contribute to improving performance by contributing to inspections and audits that will lead to sustained HSE improvement. This may be through training in a safety com practice, assisting in the implementation of your global HSE standards, or identifying and implementing an initiative to improve HSE performance in your immediate work environment.