At Geovale, we envision the ‘big picture’ and the ultimate objectives ofthe client when solving problems, generating ideas and conceptualizing project milestones. Our in-depth assessments pay close attention to details while maintaining a holistic understanding of the scope of each project we undertake. World-class technical know-how linked with expert understanding of strategic and commercial perspectives enables us to give our clients consistent and meaningful solutions for achieving project goals.


Experience always matters at Geovale – the experience we have and the experience we provide you. Our consultants, with more than twenty years of field and project management expertise, have been involved in multi-commodities exploration located in all corners of the planet. Our team has worked in the remote parts of Africa and Australia, highlands of South America and the Himalayas, ice-covered regions of the Canadian and Scandinavian Arctic, the deserts of Australia, Sahara and the Kalahari and the fresh water lakes of Scandinavia and North America. Having successfully served clients that range from small private players to government agencies to the biggest international resource companies, the Geovale team is committed to deliver client-focused services that target sustained partnerships and an integrated, collaborative experience for you.


At Geovale, we believe in helping you extract and create value, not just from mineral resource, but from every aspect of your project. Our services cover all stages of the project life cycle, qualifying us to assist you in developing and implementing short-term as well as long-term goals. With capabilities that extend across the entire value spectrum – from exploration to prefeasibility through to life of mine services – we are committed to continually evaluate our systems, processes and performance within a tight technical and strategic framework.