Asset Evaluation

Asset Evaluation

A typical mining project passes through number of evaluation studies which help in determining whether the mineral resource can be extracted economically. We offer 3 types of studies as follows:

Scoping Study

A preliminary project assessment is conducted to determine if the property has the potential to become a viable one and give clients the opportunity to consider the broad project options at an early stage. Geovale provides an assessment of the completeness and level of confidence in existing data and areas which require further detailed study in a cost effective manner.

Pre-Feasibility Study

In a more detailed appraisal, after the establishment of Geological Resource, the Geovale Competent Person prepares a preliminary economic assessment of the resource on reasonable assumptions and based on early optimisation studies on mining, processing, metallurgical, infrastructure, economic, marketing, legal, environmental and social considerations, and provides options with sensitivities for development of a mineral projects. This sets the stage for detailed feasibility study.

Detailed Feasibility Study

Geovale’s team of international associates strive to provide a comprehensive technical and economic study of the selected development option for a mineral project. Our associates carry out a detailed technical and engineering assessment of the realistically assumed mining, metallurgical, marketing, legal and infrastructure development. A corresponding detailed financial assessment is prepared by our experts to conclude the decision of the capital appropriateion for the mine design, construction and operation. In order to assist investors and miners raise finances for their projects Geovale also prepares relevant reports like Information Memorandum, IPO notes as well as other statutory requirements like mine planning, mine closure planning, environmental impact assessment, health safety environment and community managment, etc.