Gold Exploration Target Identification in Central Africa

Project by Services – Exploration Project Management / GIS & Remote Sensing
Project by Mineral – Gold
Project by Country – Rwanda
Project by Regions – Africa
Heading – Gold Exploration Target Identification in Central Africa
The Kibaran geology of Central Africa is defined as a belt of Mesoproterozoic supracrustal units, mostly metasedimentary rocks with minor metavolcanic rocks, intruded by voluminous Mesoproterozoic S-type granitoid massifs and subordinate mafic bodies dominates the geology of Rwanda. The northern part of the country has vast opportunities for greenstone hosted lode-styled gold mineralization.
A comprehensive desktop study followed by fast track exploration model. Desktop study carried out using ASTER imageries.
Spectral library training sets were created from early stage exploration database provided by client, extracted regional structural features and interpreted in coherence with geology; carried out thematic feature oriented analysis for various mineral alteration models and mapped the prospective block by identification of certain anomalous targets from structural, geochemical and geological interpretations.