GIS & Remote Sensing

Geovale’s experienced specialist team specialises in high quality Geographic Inofrmation System (GIS) and Remote Sensing data processing, GIS database management and designing cost effective solutions for the mineral exploration, mining and infrastructure industry. Geovale’s in-house team of specialists are supported by Geovale Associates, who have the capability to carry out highly cost effective and labour intensive large volume data digitisation and digital database generation.

Geovale’s GIS data generation team can design, execute and manage large scale digitisation of paper data (reports, logs, chemical assays), maps, geophysical logs and other analog information, with rigorous QA-QC protocols. The remote sensing team carries out digital satellite imagery data processing from different data sources. The geophysical and geochemical data processing team are capable of digitising and managing large volume analog and digital geophysical (magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic, gravity, seismic) datasets. The Geological Resource modeling team regularly carries out digital conversion of old analog paper based 2D model data. Geological Resource Mo Geovale team is proficient in using various relevant softwares, including Arcinfo, MapInfo, Global Mapper, Geosoft, Envy, Prolog, Autocad, etc. Geovale database management team has capability of providing warehousing solutions to client’s digital databases.

Geovale’s GIS, Remote Sensing, Geophysical data processing, Geological Resource Modeling and database management team work as a team with domain specialists in geological – structural mapping, mineral exploration, resource modeling, mining and infrastructure to provide relevant solutions to the clients. The GIS and database management team can create thematic maps for exploration management. The database team can create integrated digital country databases (geology, mineralisation, mining, infrastructure, cadastral, topographic, satellite images etc.) for clients engaged in exploration project generation in countries where digital data availability is poor in quality. Our mineral exploration specialists can assist clients in generating mineral exploration and drilling targets by integrating and interpreting geological – structural, Remote Sensing, geochemical and geophysical datasets. The Geological Resource team can convert 2D analog maps, with other supporting datasets into highly illustrative and better quality 3D digital Geological Resource Models. The GIS, Remote Sensing and our specialist engineers can help client in designing appropriate solutions for mine planning and infrastructure development.