Geovale mentioned in Sustainable Solutions Global’ s Newsletter


On the 16th of November, SSG’s Dr Geraldine McGuire and Priti Mahajan made the journey to Kolkata in North East India, to be a part of the Global Mining Summit 2016 and 13th International Mining and Machinery Exhibition (IMME).

India is the second fastest growing economy after China with high GDP growth of over 7 percent. India is also the world’s third largest coal producer, with an annual production of over 600 million tonnes, and a significant producer of barytes, lignite, chromite, iron ore, bauxite, manganese ore, zinc ore, mineral sands and limestone. The Indian government has announced ambitious plans of a quantum increase in mining output by more than doubling coal production to around a billion tonnes in the five year period from 2014-15 to 2019-20. Similar large increases are planned for the iron ore sector to match growing mineral needs of the projected high economic growth rates. While enormous demand for mining products is predicted over the next 20 years as the middle class emerge, they also very high expectations for eco friendly and sustainable mining.

The conference provided an insight into the current status of the mining sector in India, including a list of upcoming operational mining sites and their service requirements. The conference also discussed the legal constraints faced by mining companies starting a new mine and held an open discussion to receive ideas and inputs on how to reduce the time taken for legal approvals.

As per Indian legislative requirement, it is mandatory to submit a Sustainable Mine Closure Plan along with the Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the mine lease approval. When these documents are technically sound and show clearly the risks, processes and potentials this demonstrates how the mine can be closed out in a safe and sustainable manner.

SSG can provide sustainable mine closure and operational planning expertise to Indian mining companies to achieve a speedy approval and to meet their long term commitments. SSG already has a focus on working in tropical Asia and Australia and has been keen to expand their services into India for some time. With the addition to the SSG team of Senior Consultant Priti Mahajan, recently from Mumbai, the timing was right to put out the feelers.

While at the conference SSG met with Mr. Biplob Chatterjee and Mr. Loknath Rath CEO and Director of the M/s. Geovale Services based in Kolkata. Geovale Services is a niche exploration and mining services company  providing services in mining sector for clients based all over the world. SSG and Geovale are keen to partner to provide consulting services to mining companies and other sectors in Indian market. 

For further information on these opportunities, call SSG on +61 (0)7 4096 6057 and speak with Priti or Geraldine. Go to this Link for more details on the event.