Geotechnical and Hydrogeological exploration in Bangladesh

Geovale Services gets into yet another high level exploration project for geotechnical and hydrogeological services in  Bangladesh for an underground hard rock mine.
Geovale’s experienced team of specialists comprising geological– structural specialists, senior hydrogeologists, hydrodgeological modeling specialist and Remote sensing- GIS specialist are in charge to execute the project. The project’s aim is to make an assessment of Pre mining aquifer condition, mining stage impacts to aquifer and post mining impacts – a simulation based analysis, Recommendations for ground water management system, Sensitivity Analysis for initial stage and long-term mining operations. Our  on-site geologist is accountable for lithological logging, geotechnical logging (including rock type identification, degree of weathering, RQD, defect types etc.), and geo-technical sample collection as per international standards. On the other hand, Geovale’s hydro team is engaged for hydro-census data collection, rainfall data collection, pumping test, and water flow modelling.