3D Resource Estimation and Mine Planning of one of the largest Coal Mines in E.India

Geovale is doing mine planning for one of the biggest coal deposits of India situated in the state of Jharkhand. The highly skilled team of Geovale is considering the best mining approach for the deposit depending on the availability of land. In order to do this, Geovale is comparing all modern mining methods and will recommend the best suitable method for the deposit.
For this particular project Geovale is doing the Resource Estimation, Pit Optimization and Pit design. In addition, Geovale is preparing the complete digital long term, medium term and short term Mine Plans, quality projection and also the optimized blending plan. In-fill drilling plan for fulfilling the data gap is being done based on which the 3D model is being validated and reconciled. For the drilling plan, the JORC SOPs are being followed. Based on all the available data Geovale will finally prepare a detailed Project Report as well as the Bankable Feasibility Report.

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