Hydro-Geology & Geotechnical

Geovale team of experienced specialists are capable of executing large scale hydrological, hydrogeological, engineering geology and geotechnical studies.

Hydrology and Hydrogeology

Geovale can carry out extensive and detailed hydrological and hydrogeological investigations for open cast and underground mine planning, development and mine water management including prediction and control of groundwater inflows in mines and dewatering designs. Geovale hydrology specialists include hydrogeologists, civil engineers, geophysicists, remote sensing specialists, reservoir modelers and others. Geovale specialists can also execute hydrological basin studies leading to reservoir basin modeling to feasibility studies in various parts of the world.

Our services include water basin analysis, hydro-geomorphological mapping, catchment study, groundwater exploration, geophysical exploration, groundwater reservoir modeling, hydrological basin pre-feasibility, feasibility and development related studies.

Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Studies

Geovale has an experienced team of Engineering Geologists, Geotechnical Engineers, structural Geologists, Geophysicists and Remote Sensing specialists, who have been part of major civil engineering, infrastructure and mine geotechnical projects. Geovale’s team of Engineering Geologists and support team can carry out carry out geotechnical investigations for large dams, barrage, tunnels, highways, bridges and other super civil structures. Geovale’s geotechnical specialists can carry out detailed geotechnical investigations and modeling for pit and dump slope design and slope monitoring projects.

For a geotechnically critical (slope monitoring) mining environment, our specialists can identify slope monitoring requirements and can create a slope monitoring strategy. Geovale can also assist in selection of slope monitoring equipments and help in designing appropriate training programs for client personnel.