Due Diligence

A thorough due diligence is the key to any successful investment decision. The complexity of miningbusiness makes due diligence exercise even more important. All critical elements of study & valuation must be addressed before a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ decision is taken. Geovale’s time tested due diligence checklist helps us in reducing the risks associated with such studies. Geovale provides all types of due diligence services in the geological and mining domain.

Geovale’s due diligence team comprises of highly skilled exploration geologists with commodity and geography specific experience, resource geologists who are skillful in using various 3D modeling softwares, mining engineers with open cast or underground mining experience, infrastructure specialists, processing engineers, environment and community specialists and mineral economists. This key team is supported by Geovale’s team of geophysicists, spectral geologists, surveyors, geochemists and others.

To carry out due diligence of mineral assets, we lay equal emphasis on detailed risk analysis vis-à-vis the cost effectiveness of the entire process. Geovale has developed a 5-stage desktop and site due diligence approach, sequentially increasing in details of gathered information and corresponding risk reduction. An asset moves to a more detailed due diligence after clearing a milestone of acceptable risk corresponding to geological resource, mineability, processability, haulage infrastructure, environment, social, market availability and mineral economics.

We understand client’s value of money and our step-by-step approach to select or reject any project as depicted below saves time and money for our clients.