Drill Site Services

Drilling is an important tool in mineral exploration. In a complex geological environment, drilling gives a first-hand data of the sub surface geology, which helps to understand the nature and resource of a mineral deposit. Geovale’s team of experienced crew and modern rigs deliver accurate data/information for developing a mineral resource.

Geovale possesses a fleet of modern hydrostatic drilling rigs capable of drilling up to the depth of 1000m in NQ size. The drillers and drilling engineers have experience of 10-20 years of drilling in different terrains and conditions globally. The drilling team is supported by experienced geologists, project managers, mechanical engineers to provide the best of the services to our clients.

To implement a successful drilling program, only good drill rigs and crew are not enough. An identification of the right approach to the geological formations in terms of drilling bits, circulating fluids, tackling the loose fractured zone and ensure maximum recovery is very important. That’s where Geovale steps ahead of its competitors.

Geovale’s systematic and statistical approach to the drilling issues gives faster and satisfactory results and helps in ontime completion of projects. The team is constantly developing by running a research and development program in the background on the performance of drill rigs, drill bits, human performance, maintenance issues and geological conditions. The team of highly skilled drillers with multi-commodity and geography experience is supported by efficient Project Managers.

Geovale have modern hydrostatic drilling rigs of Sandvik and Boart Longyear make supported by whole fleet of ancillary units. Recently, the team has procured core orientation tools and downhole camera from Australia to provide additional information to our clients, giving more geological control.
We understand the client’s value for money and importance of the data to help build a robust geological model.