Coal Block Valuation

The Supreme Court of India on 24 September 2014, de-allocated 204 coal blocks out of the 218 coal blocks allocated by the Central Government of India since 1993. Subsequently the Government of India started auctioning those coal blocks. This Judgment reopens way for companies those are importing or buying coal from different sources of India and planning to buy coal blocks for their different end use purpose.

Although it throws an opportunity for securing the key raw material and energy source for the power, steel, cement and sponge iron producers as well as the merchant coal producers, it is also extremely important to select appropriate coal blocks as per user requirement and its valuation.

A conservative bid will oust you from the auction process, while an aggressive bid will increase costpressure and eliminate the whole benefits. Similarly winning an unsuitable coal block may create operational difficulties in future.

Geovale offers professional services to help clients identify the most appropriate coal block after doing proper Due Diligence. We also assist the investors to quote an appropriate bid price in the technical round to be selected for the final bidding stage.

We also offer valuation services for acquisition of overseas coal mines. Geovale has extensive
experience of working in Indian and overseas coal block and capabilities for identifying appropriate coal block and valuation of the block for their client which save clients’ money and time and help them to keep their project in decided time line and mitigate the risk.