Manganese Exploration-Zimbabwe1

Project by Services – Exploration Project Management/ Geological Resource Modeling/ GIS & Remote Sensing/
Project by Mineral – Manganese
Project by Country – Zimbabwe
Project by Regions – Africa
Heading – Prospecting Study of Manganese Deposit in Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe
Geovale carried out a prospecting study by way of rapid detail Geological-structural mapping of the prospect, ore sampling with intent to evaluate the manganese resource and understand its potential. By the exploration program Geovale was able to identify the resource potential of mineralization within the prospect, mineralization control, detail about style of mineralization and possible grade variation within the prospect area.
Geovale executed the following exercise in the project.
Remote sensing study:
Contours and 3D topographic image were generated from ASTER and SRTM image in order to know the topographic and structural features of the area. Contour/3D maps were also analyzed to devise an optimized traverse and sampling program for the site visit.
Geological litho-structural mapping:
Detailed geological mapping was carried out to understand geology, structure and its relation with mineralization and extent. Manual pitting was also carried out at places to understand depth and extent of mineralization beneath soil cover. The entire database was analyzed in GIS platform.
Sampling- Grab sampling and channel sampling by Pitting and trenching:
Selective grab and channel sampling were undertaken during mapping and based on geological mapping several trenches were proposed in the prospect area. Trenching program was commenced by JCB and few channel samples were collected from the trenches with a pattern.
Structural interpretation and Resource assessment