Sarshatoli Coal Block pre-auction assesment

Project by Services – Due Diligence/ Geological Resource Modeling/ GIS & Remote Sensing/ Mineral Analytics
Project by Mineral – Coal
Project by Country – India
Project by Regions – Asia
Heading – Rapid Assessment of Trans Damodar Coal Mine in Bankura, West Bengal

Geovale carried out a rapid resource and reserve assessment and preparation of a conceptual mine plan and corresponding operational cost for Sarshatoli Coal Mine, as pre bid assessment for a large power producer in Chhattisgarh.
To prepare the report Geovale used the MECL’s exploration report, Marwah (1998) mine plan and 2013-2014 cost reports were provided by the mine operator as base data. Geovale brought the relevant data to a common GIS platform. Early 2014 satellite data was used to understand the current status of mine. Some local intelligence was also used.
Geovale executed the project in following way.
Carrying out a conceptual study based on the available GR, mine plan and satellite imagery along with any actual working plan available to adjust the topography, mine bench levels etc.
Preparing map of the present mine layout with details of mine benches, dumps, surface features etc.
Identifying the balance resource/reserve within the boundaries as per mine plan and creating conceptual layouts for five years, and providing production schedule as this is a working mine production capacity as per mine plan
Approximation of cost of production with break up with all assumptions and justification. The mine dossier provides the capital investment on various items. Considering capex based on the data provided and identifying additional required investments.null