Water: there is not enough

Water: there is not enough

Like every year, we, common people celebrate WATER DAY on 22nd March and on the flip side of this is the fact that aquifers are falling, glaciers vanishing, reservoirs drying up and rivers no longer flowing to the sea. Exponential growth of  population, increasing water demand for agriculture, climatic change, innumerable problems related to water quality are exaggerating the gaps between supply and demand. Our water professionals in Geovale are working to help our clients to explore, exploit and conserve water resources all over the country.

Geovale Services has global hydrological & hydrogeological experience to cater to the varied needs of production companies, agricultural demand, golf courses, hotels, infrastructures, mines etc. by our hydrogeologists, environmental engineers, planners, civil engineers, surveyors and remote sensing & GIS professionals to arrive at integrated solutions through innovative and cost-efficient avenues. Our service is amalgamated with –


Groundwater Exploration

  • Hydrological feasibility study
  • Hydrogeological and Geomorphological mapping
  • Aquifer mapping & Groundwater resource assessment
  • Geophysical investigations – VES, 2D imaging, EM, Electrologging, SP and Gamma
  • Micro-watershed analysis by ERDAS and ArcGIS
  • Topographical survey, Double Ring Infiltration Test


Groundwater Exploitation –

  • Rotary, reverse rotary and DTH drilling and drill-site services
  • Well assembly design and installation for exploratory wells
  • Pumping test – SDT, APT
  • Hydrochemistry by Rockworks and Aquachem
  • Groundwater resource and flow modelling by MODFLOW


Conservation and Integrated Watershed Management (IWM)-

  • Our experience in the management and delivery of water services to the community, Geovale’s water gurus understand the correlation between all water cycle elements. Our people are delivering IWM schemes to benefit organisations and communities through superior energy efficiency, low embedded energy materials and liveable, sustainable community environments
  • EIA and EMP
  • Water security study and water balance auditing
  • Rainwater harvesting and Artificial recharge interventions
  • Groundwater development and Watershed management



  • Mine Hydrogeology and Conservation
  • Assisting clients to get statutory clearances like NOCAP from CGWA



Our individual’s expertise and the company’s hydrogeological services encompass all the above services. In recent time, we have successfully completed projects all across India; e.g. West Bengal, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tripura and also in alluvium and hard rock fractured aquifer system.