Limestone Project in Oman

Limestone Project in Oman

Commodity: Limestone
Country: Oman
Region: Western Asia

A large Indian infrastructure company was interested in acquiring a limestone quarry in Oman and they engaged Geovale Services to do a detail study on the asset and suggest the prospect of investment.

Geovale Services carried out an overall study based on the following objectives:

  1. Resource Estimation of Limestone Quarry.
  2. Extractable Resource within Quarry area
  3. Classification of Limestone for different industries based on chemical properties.
  4. Possibility of ramp-up production from 1.2 MTPA to 4 MTPA in 2 years

Database pertaining to the current study was prepared by using manual digitization of
collar, lithology, assay, fault structures from the shared files. Following this, rest of the data were prepared the following way –

  1. Geo-referencing of Geological map.
  2. Preparation of Quarry boundary by restricting concession area from 20 RL line in Western side.
  3. Preparation of collar files of borehole & channel samples.
  4. Finalization of borehole collar files for Minex loading.
  5. Digitization of structural faults in GIS platform.
  6. Surface contour at 10 m interval imported in Minex.
  7. Digitization of litho logs.
  8. QA-QC of litho logs.
  9. Preparations of litho file for Minex loading.
  10. Digitization of assay data.

3D Resource modeling of the Limestone Quarry has been done using Minex software after reviewing the available data.