Bhangaon Iron ore project, Jharkhand, 2017

Bhangaon Iron ore project, Jharkhand, 2017

Commodity: Iron

Country: India

Region: Asia

Geovale Services along with a large mining MDO successfully completed an Iron ore project in Jharkhand, Eastern India. Team Geovale has been involved in full time drillsite monitoring services as well as detail exploration project management according to JORC standards.

Geovale has provided the following services to the client-

  1. Drill site management and Safety Induction
  2. Detailed geological core logging for all the drilled boreholes
  3. Visual estimation of iron ore percentage based on the lithology encountered in the drill cores.
  4. Graphical logs were prepared for all the completed bore holes as per the scope of work
  5. Simplified geological logs with photographs were prepared.
  6. Entire database management was carried out by our expert team of data analyst.

Geovale has helped the client in achieving –

  1. Higher production
  2. Improved efficiency and utilization of the drilling hours
  3. Lower maintenance hours
  4. Selection of right bits for higher productivity, as per the geological formations
  5. Lower drilling costs on a month-to-month basis
  6. Research and identification of core orientation tools and implementation
  7. Proper identification of orientation issues based on geological parameters
  8. Selection of quick set cement compound to lower idling hours
  9. Zero safety incidents

Better inventory management