Interpretation of Aero-geophysical Data for Mineral Exploration

Geovale Mineral Exploration Team has carried out the interpretation of aero-geophysical data in one of the blocks in central India for GSI. The team had reputed intl geophysicists and local geologists.
The broad workflow of the interpretation included the following activities:

Delineation of the boundaries between the major litho-tectonic domains using the existing maps as well the TMI images and delineation of contacts between the lithological units from the 1VD images.
Identification of litho units and structures beneath sedimentary cover from the spectral analysis of the magnetic data.
Demarcation of surface lithology and alteration from radiometric data
Demarcation of major structural features.
Preparation of cross-sections by quantitative modeling.
Identification of target areas for mineral potential, integrating the geophysical data with additional information from National Geochemical data, historical reports, etc.

We hope that eventually a few of these targets will become economic deposit