Hydrology Project In Southern Bengal by Geovale


Water is one of our most precious resources, nothing can live without it. Knowledge of the amount of water, its distribution and sustainable development over space and time, and its effects on the earth’s surface is what hydrology is about. The hydrology domain of Geovale Services is composed of highly skilled geologists, geophysicists, hydrologists, environmental scientists, remote sensing experts with significant global experience in hydrological and hydrogeological projects.

Geovale Services has presence in all the critical sections of hydrology chain to cater to the varied needs of production companies, agricultural demand, golf courses etc. It involves Micro-watershed analysis by ERDAS and ArcGIS, Hydrogeological mapping, Ground Water Exploration, Resource Assessment and Development, Aquifer Characterisation, Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) and Electro-logging, Well Design, Step Drawdown Test (SDT) and Aquifer Performance Test (APT), Numerical modelling by MODFLOW, Water Chemistry Analysis by AQUACHEM, Sustainable Watershed Management, Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge and Hydrogeological Study in Mining Areas – like Dewatering and Subsidence Impact, Acid Mine Drainage etc.

Hydrology Project In Southern Bengal

One of our valued clients is establishing one factory which requires subsurface water for processing of the food products. As the size of the work is extensive, so our expert team has divided the scope into Part A and Part B. As recently we are approaching towards the end of Part A, so have started the tasks for Part B.

In brief, our job responsibilities for PART A are mentioned below –

  • VES study and report generation to identify the aquifer depths
  • Strategic planning of the bore well locations
  • Supervision of drilling
  • Geological logging and sample analysis and aquifer identification
  • Execution of electro logging and SP log
  • Interpretation of aquifer
  • Well design with all minute specifications of pipes, gravels, sealing material etc.
  • Compressor development
  • Organizing suitable vendors for step drawdown (SDT) and aquifer performance test (APT)
  • Data collection for SDT and APT test
  • Water sample collection and analysis from a reputed laboratory
  • Determination of aquifer parameters
  • Finalisation of pump capacity as per the factory requirement
  • Well completion and final development
  • Design of rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge planning
  • Report writing

In brief, our job responsibilities for PART B are mentioned below –

  • Topographical survey
  • Soil sampling and analysis from a reputed laboratory
  • EMP data collection
  • Remote Sensing study for LULC, drainage pattern and microwatershed analysis
  • Double ring infiltrometer testing
  • Report writing