Geovale Africa in Somaliland

Geovale Africa: Somaliland

Few among us would have heard about countries which do not exist on the maps. Somali Land is the north western territory of Somalia which has declared independence. As it is not yet recognized by the UN it does not appear in the political map of the world. This part of the Nubian shield has significant potential for economic mineral deposits. Geovale has recently completed a reconnaissance exploration program in this uncharted land of opportunities, looking for commodities like iron ore and manganese.

Geovale Africa, from our offices in Tanzania and India have explored in all parts of Africa – iron ore in Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Togo manganese in Gabon and Ivory Coast, bauxite in Guinea to base-metals in Morocco, Zambia, DRC, gold in Tanzania, Sudan, Gabon, coal in Mozambique, beach sand in Mauritania, Senegal, and other commodities .. from grass-root conceptual exploration for mineral targeting to detailed exploration for JORC Geological Resource Evaluation.

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