Geoavle Prepared Geological Reports & Information Memorandum for Gujarat Limestone Blocks

Geovale Services helped Gujarat Government to come out first for the e-auction of mineral blocks.

The Office of Commissioner (CGM), Geology and Mining, Industries and Minig Department, Government of Gujarat appointed Geovale Service as the Technical Advisor to assist during the auction process as per the new MMDR (Amendment) Act 2015.

In this context Geovale Services, on behalf of Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC), prepared the Geological Reports & Information Memorandum for 5 limestone blocks which the Government of Gujarat had identified for electronic auction for the purposes of grant of Mining Lease.

The limestone blocks identified for e-auction are Mudhvay Sub-block A, Mudhvay Sub-block B, Mudhvay Sub-block C, Mudhvay Sub-block D and Goyla Block. The total resource of these five blocks amount to around 1,084 Mt.

Figure 21_1

Geovale assessed the suitability and readiness of the identified mineral blocks (100 Mt) limestone each block) for the purpose of auction, covering both ML and PL-cum-ML. The Geological Reports contained detailed analysis of exploration data in conformation to the Minerals (Evidence of Mineral Contents) Rules, 2015 and compatible with UNFC and CRISCO standards, precise map of the identified area/block, estimated resources of minerals, indicative list of clearances and permissions required etc.

For preparation of the Information Memorandum Geovale performed the following tasks

Task 1: Data collation and due diligence

Task 2: Data analysis and resource modeling

Task 3: Creation of Information Memorandum

A team of geologists from Geovale conducted field visit, collected and prepared all the data in the desired format following a desktop QA-QC on the datasets to assess the data integrity. Following that the all the datasets (topographic, geological, structural, drilling) were brought into a common GIS platform. Geovale performed the Resource Modeling in Surpac to establish the Geological Resource.

Figure 20_1

All the executive summaries of Geological Reports have been uploaded in MSTC website.  Interested parties can download those from here as well.

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