Exploration in a Western African Gold deposit

Geovale Services carried out a rapid exploration in Western Africa to understand the possibility of gold mineralization and project viability, in collaboration with the geologists from government. Substantial information regarding the geology and mineralization of the region and prospect was collected during this exploration program.

The region has Greenstone Belt shear hosted quartz lode styled gold deposits similar to renowned gold deposits in India such as Hutti and Kolar, Canadian and Western Australian gold belts. There are also evidences of secondary alluvial gold deposits where mining has been done. Geovale is now designing a detailed exploration program and strategy for carrying out a more systematic regional exploration. Greenstone hosted quartz-carbonate vein type gold deposits have significant contribution to the world’s gold deposits. Geovale is noticing a surge of interest in various Western African gold deposit exploration in recent times

During subsequent stages, Geovale expects accessibility challenges due to rain forests, wildlife and poor infrastructural network in the gold bearing areas. Geovale team members however, have significant project management experience in execution of similar projects with similar challenges, in different parts of Africa and elsewhere in the world.