36th International Geological Congress

Participants in the 36th International Geological Congress, you are invited to attend Symposia 1.8: Forensic Geology. This session will be conducted on 5th March, 2020. The session promises to have an excellent mix of papers to be presented by some of the top specialists in Forensic Geology from different parts of the world and also papers from Indian specialists as well.

Forensic Geology uses conventional geological tools to resolve issues like

Regular crime investigation

Environmental pollution fingerprinting and source determination (like investigating an industrial pollution source in the Ganges)

Root cause investigations of geotechnical incidence (like a bridge or a dam failure)

Mineral fraud detection

Finding buried graves

Finding buried ammunitions

And much more

The forensic session is being convened by UNESCO’s International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)’s Initiative in Forensic Geology (IFG) Group. Biplob Chatterjee of Geovale, who is also the India Officer of IFG is the Co-convener of this symposia session.

Interested to know more about Geoforensics and IUGS – IFG and its activities in India, Biplob at biplob.chatterjee@geovale.com

You may also like to see IFG’s website for more information https://lnkd.in/fUuc4P6