International Geological Congress 2020

Biplob Chatterjee, Geovale’s Director (Consulting) with Jennifer McKinley, Professor of Geostatistics at Queens University of Belfast and Dr Laurance Donnelly of Alfred Knight International at the International Geological Congress (IGC 2020) Secretariat at New Delhi.

Laurance, Jennifer and Biplob also represent International Union of Geological Science (IUGS) Initiate on Forensic Geology (IFG). IFG would convene the symposium on Geoforensics during IGC 2020.

While Jennifer also chairs the sessions on Geostatistics at IGC 2020, Biplob would also be part of the session on diamond exploration and mining.

Geovale consultants and scientists are preparing to actively participate at various sessions IGC 2020 with papers, posters and delegates