Geovale Decision Support System Tool and its application

Geovale has launched an innovative multi-vector decision support system (DSS) to address the natural resource conservation needs for an Indian village community, carrying out a decentralized micro-water shed management. Geovale DSS tool has applicability at a micro watershed up to a basinal scale.

Geovale DSS can provide –
a) Assistance to village communities on developing strategies for science-based conservation and management of natural resources

b) Advisory on soil quality, moisture, terrain and region-based afforestation aimed at maintaining long term soil health

The approach is to create a detailed micro watershed profile by collating multi-vector data on

i) Village watershed LULC, hydrology, geology and structure, soil characteristics, water quality, water level, topographic wetness index, irrigation, cropping, groundwater resource

ii) Map the Vulnerability Index with respect to climate uncertainties, water availability

iii) Information gaps map

iv) Groundwater, soil and biodiversity conservation strategy

Based on the DSS, village specific conservation activities can be planned by local stakeholders to achieve the participatory goals and objectives.

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