India is Out of Fraser Global Survey of Mining Companies Ranking in 2017

Fraser Global Survey of (by the) Mining Companies, measuring attractiveness index of mining jurisdictions has been announced This is a much awaited perception index based primarily on interviews of a cross section of mining companies operating globally. The perceptions are weighted and ranked according to a) geological attractiveness and b) policy perception. Ireland is at number one and Finland is at number two. Canada is ahead of Australia. Most of the Canadian and Australian provinces have been ranked individually, and the Canadians fared better than the Aussies. Australia, in recent years have adopted many protectionist measures (such as the one impacting Carmichael project of Adani), which are pulling down the attractiveness index. Some of the very attractive geological potential geographies like China, Indonesia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, etc. have fared badly. India, which was in the list till 2016, has now unfortunately been removed from the list, as there are less than 5 votaries available to talk about India’s mining policy attractiveness!!!