Bangalore Heading for Worst Water Crisis Than Cape Town

The title of the NDTV article suggests that Bangalore is heading the Cape Town way! Disagree completely .. Bangalore could be worse There is one error in the description .. ground water levels in Bangalore’s aquifers have fallen down not to 70 – 90 m below ground level but in reality to below 200 m below ground level in most part of the city. And then there are couple of other situations, which makes Bangalore as worse case than Cape Town! a. Bangalore’s aquifers are almost empty, while Cape Town still has an aquifer with good integrity, and b. Bangalore is not by the ocean shore and does not immediately or in near future have a desalination option to look at So, if Bangalore and Southern India (Cauvery Basin) goes dry for a few years due to Climate change any time in next 10 years, one has to prepare to quit Bangalore. We have 10 – 15 years to prepare for our emergency storage and worse case scenario .. and that is stop tapping water from underground water aquifers and work on augmenting the aquifers back again, and drive a cultural change to survive with lesser water.