Bengal Aggregate Study

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Heading – Bengal Aggregate Study

The thrust of Government on housing and infrastructure in Bangladesh has expanded the
opportunity for Indian miners to export mineral aggregates from India to Bangladesh. And what
better region could it be other than Pakur, Jharkhand to exploit that opportunity? Our client has
existing aggregate mining operations in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Odisha to cater to the entire
building, construction and the infrastructure development community. They wanted Geovale to
explore opportunity to own aggregate mines in Rajgram, West Bengal and Pakur, Jharkhand and
identify transportation route to export the material to main consumption centres in Bangladesh.

Towards that end we undertook the following tasks.
 Site visit in Rajgram, West Bengal and Pakur, Jharkhand
 Identifying potential market locations
 Assessment of regional and local geology and characteristics of Rajmahal Volcanics
 Assessment of geographic distribution of stone quarries
 Stone quality testing and analysis
 Aggregate mining infrastructure and transportation logistics including road way, rail way,
road & rail way, river way i.e., by barge
 Identifying potential market locations
 Comparative transportation costs between mining area and consumption points

This was a combined project which included Geovale’s capabilities of Exploration Project
Management, Aggregate Mining and Market Analysis. Our exploration geologists and mining
engineers went to sites for sample collection and inspection of the blocks. Market analysis team
interacted with local people, truck operators, railway authorities and shipping agencies to conduct an infrastructure assessment and identifying the optimal transportation route from India to Bangladesh.
We also conducted a market assessment study to advise client the prospective aggregate consuming
locations in Bangladesh, their annual requirements, specifications of material demanded, seasonal
variation in consumption, pricing analysis, other risks etc. in order to help the client build a
sustainable business model.