Analysis of Copper Oxide Ore Market

Project by Services – Mineral Analytics
Project by Mineral – Copper
Project by Country – India
Project by Regions – Asia

Heading – Analysis of Copper Oxide Ore Market

An Indian iron ore miner was interested in acquiring a copper smelter in India. They approached
Geovale to understand the process route of copper oxide ore and its availability in the Indian and
international market along with the market of copper scrap of different grades. In this context,
Geovale prepared a rapid technical and market analysis of copper oxide and copper scarp.

The scope of work included

 Copper oxide ore and sulphide ore processing flowsheet
 Feedstock composition
 Supply of copper oxide ore in India and other major countries
 High level analysis of demand of processed copper in India
 Brief description of copper producers and processors in India
 Supply situation of low grade and high grade copper scrap in Indian and international market
Geovale’s market analysis team performed this project by undertaking primary and secondary
research. They also made a desktop analysis about the target company by digging out information
on it.