Other Projects

Drilling Management for Gold Exploration in Southern India

Geovale is currently been engaged as ‘Managers’ by a mining company to supervise and implement processes for improving productivity and reduce costs for drilling in Gold exploration project. Geovale’s team of geologists having experience in gold exploration and core drilling has been put into the project. Within a span of 2 months, Geovale implemented series of systems and processes to monitor and control the productivity of the drill rigs and assess the various issues related to maintenance, core recovery and safety.
Geovale’s implemented systems and processes:
1. MIS reporting system.
2. Performance review system
3. Preventive Maintenance scheduling
4. Core orientation data monitoring
5. Improved Inventory Management
6. Drill bit assessment and
7. Borehole cementing R&D
8. Safety systems
9. Environment
Geovale has helped the client in achieving
1. Higher production
2. Improved efficiency and utilization of the drilling hours
3. Lower maintenance hours
4. Selection of right bits for higher productivity, as per the geological formations
5. Lower drilling costs on a month-to-month basis
6. Research and identification of core orientation tools and implementation
7. Proper identification of orientation issues based on geological parameters
8. Selection of quick set cement compound to lower idling hours
9. Zero safety incidents
10. Better inventory management