Souradeep Mukherjee

Souradeep is MSc in Geology and has 10 years of multi-geography experience in geological exploration of Base Metal, Iron and other commodities. He has worked in India and also several years in DR Congo for base metal exploration. His professional experiences include exploration project planning and management, geological mapping, drill core logging & sampling, exploration data management, supervision of geophysical surveys, surface geochemical sampling and drilling.
He has also carried out several desktop and field due diligence studies for various mineral deposits such as copper, gold, heavy mineral sand, limestone, manganese, aggregates etc located in India and Other Countries.His skills include extensive use of geological/GIS softwares in exploration planning, data plotting/viewing & interpretation, preparation of geological/geochemical maps & sections and 2d/3d modeling of geochemical and geophysical data. He is well versed with Geosoft Target, Global Mapper, AutoCAD, GPS Trackmaker etc and is trained in basic operations of SURPAC from GEOVIA.