Saheb Das

Saheb has 8 years of Hydrological and Hydrogeological analysis experience and responsible for managing hydrogeological job. Saheb was Junior Research Fellow with the Centre for Ground Water Studies. Saheb has developed deep understanding of carrying out various projects regarding Aquifer Mapping and Characterization, Rain Water Harvesting, Ground Water Resource Evaluation and Management.

Saheb was involved in hydro-geological investigation of subsurface flow of several rivers. As an integral part of his job, he went to several places for field studies, where he is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating several issues that arises during the course of the project. In his tenure at Centre for Ground Water Studies, he was associated with several crucial projects like Hydrogeological Investigation for Joda and NoamundiIn-Pit Slime dams to find out impact of iron ore mining on ground water quality for Tata Steel Ltd and Hydrogeological studies in and around Sasan Mega Thermal Power Plant, Singrauli Madhya Pradesh to find out conjunctive use of surface water and ground water.