Dr. Suman Kumar
Associate Senior Hydrogeologist

Dr. Suman Kumar is an Associate Senior Hydrogeologist in Geovale Services

Dr. Suman Kumar has significant experience in hydrological modeling, groundwater dynamics, impact assessment of agricultural, domestic, and industrial uses of groundwater under possible climatic conditions, water resource management, and aquifer characterization.

Suman is also a National Doctoral Fellow in the prestigious project at the Department of Earth Sciences in IIT Kanpur. He has previously worked as Senior Project Engineer, Senior Project Associate for various esteemed projects under Govt. of India, Govt. of Delhi, WAPCOS, etc.

Suman has experience working as a Hydrogeologist in various domains and sub-domains of the groundwater resource. Some of his key experiences include “Groundwater impact assessment study for Yamuna Bank Depot”, during 2018-19, Development of Ground-Water Flow Models and Preparation of Aquifer Management Plan in Central India, “Strategic basin Planning for Ganga River Basin in India”, 2017.

Apart from these Suman also has numerous scientific papers published in prestigious journals, number of specialized trainings etc.